Pairity’s mission is to address the twin challenges of promoting and measuring refugee integration. We achieve this by combining a unique matching system, end-to-end programming, and scholarly research. Programming starts and ends with the goal of generating data, allowing us to move beyond anecdotal evidence.  

We aim to scale to a variety of contexts, beginning with EU Member States. Our adaptable platform was designed to be cost-effective and easy to implement, with low barriers for participation. It empowers organizations, volunteers, and newcomers.

Implementation relies on the expertise and capacities of established local partners. We offer consultations with experts in programme development, volunteer recruitment and training, and working with refugee communities. 

Pairity is based, in part, on lessons from Canada’s private sponsorship model, which has contributed to integration, social cohesion, and positive attitudes toward refugees. However, we believe Europe’s policy challenges are best addressed by working with newcomers already residing in a community.

Using best practices from social science – including randomization, control groups, and objective matching criteria – means we can generate context-specific evidence, a comparative dataset, and an ever-more responsive matching algorithm.