Current Projects

Welcome Corps – U.S. 

We’re proud to announce our collaboration with the Community Sponsorship Hub to facilitate Welcome Corps, a new service opportunity for Americans inspired to welcome those seeking freedom and safety, and in turn strengthen their own communities.

As part of the program, we will match private sponsors participating in the Welcome Corps to refugees whose cases are already approved for resettlement under the USRAP. We will also measure sponsorship outcomes at a granular level – a first in data collection and analysis.

Take a look at our coverage in The Globe & Mail – “Canadian Tech Company’s Platform will Play a Key Role in U.S. Push for Private Refugee Sponsorship“.

Learn more about the program in The New York Times and The Guardian.

Re:Match Germany & Poland

We’ve also embarked on a collaboration with the Berlin Governance Platform’s Re:Match project, in collaboration with Salam Lab in Krakow, Poland.

Together we will work to relocate displaced Ukrainians from Poland to several German municipalities. We hope this project will provide a base of evidence for cities and towns to engage directly in European relocation mechanisms.

Read more about our work with Re:Match in Zeit Online.

HIAS Europe Welcome Circles – EU-Wide

We’ve partnered with HIAS Europe to provide an external evaluation of their Welcome Circle project for Ukrainian refugees. Welcome Circles mobilized European Jewish communities to provide community sponsorship and relocation services to hundreds of beneficiaries.

Our work comprises primary data collection and analysis in eleven countries using surveys, interviews, and focus groups. The goal is to understand how Welcome Circles help integration, self-sufficiency, and social cohesion, and to map best practices for scaling.

Completed Projects

Samen Hier – Netherlands 

In 2021 we completed our two-year pilot phase in the Netherlands with Justice and Peace’s Samen Hier program. We facilitated and evaluated 45 matches in four Dutch municipalities from May 2019 to May 2021.

Our pilot was the focus of an episode of the BBC World Service podcast People Fixing the World.

Looking to Partner?

Pairity is open to exploring with new implementing partners, whether NGOs, resettlement agencies, or local governments interested in a cost-effective, proven, evidence-based tool for matching refugee newcomers with local communities and empowering volunteers to take an active part in integration.

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