Pairity is an end-to-end platform for refugee newcomer integration. It works with local partners to match newcomers with volunteers, and then evaluate the impacts of access to social networks on integration. Working locally means low costs and barriers to participation, while harnessing the best aspects of community sponsorship. Pairity was designed to be scalable, adaptable, and meet the high bar for evidence-based policy. It is grounded in an interdisciplinary research project to generate evidence about social networks, integration, and social cohesion.

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Programme Development

Consultation & Training

Our expert advisors support programme development, volunteer training, and stakeholder engagement.

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Volunteer & Newcomer Recruitment

Pairity has low barriers to participation. It works with volunteers and newcomers who are already in the same location.

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Comprehensive demographic and preference-ranking surveys capture the needs and capacities of volunteers and newcomers.

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Our algorithm uses objective criteria to make the best possible matches, and sets baselines for outcome analysis.

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Monitoring & Evaluation

Data Dashboard

Pairity offers implementing partners a project and volunteer management portal, complete with data dashboards to facilitate program administration.

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Outcome Analysis

Pairity is backed by a long-term academic research project examining the effects of social networks on integration. This includes short-term evaluation exercises for local contexts.

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Evidence-Based Outcomes

Integration Outcomes

Pairity’s process ensures we can measure the real impact of social networks on outcomes including labour market participation, language skills, and community integration.

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